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Article – Troubleshooting Zoom Issues.

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Description We use iframe to embed zoom web client on our web page. When try to join the meeting, it only shows a blank page. Though none with a reply. Cant join zoom meeting with link – none: ended up scrambling to use the WebSDK instead as that was the only fix we could find. Hey flippyheadcant join zoom meeting with link – none:elearningevolvepavel. Other browsers are fine:. Yes, Safari has heavier restrictions on iframes.

Can you make sure to include https in your url to see if that works? Yeah, we did make sure. A lot of people have the same error though. Is there any update on this? With your latest change we are also hitting the same issue here. Please let us know if you have any ways around this issue.

Thanks a bunch for your help! Are you trying to embed the Zoom Web Client? I cannot guarantee it will work since it was not designed to be embedded in an iFrame. I have ran into this problem too and checked the headers sent from the zoom server. When the cant join zoom meeting with link – none: нажмите чтобы прочитать больше this http-url, the zoom server redirects again to https.

For a normal user in посетить страницу browser window, this is not a problem. Inside an iframe you get the Mixed Content Error. The error could be fixed by zoom by changing the first redirect to https. I haved fixed this problem on our side with a server2server check on the url, following the redirects to the final url.

After that I pass this final url into the users iframe and it works. Hi Tommy… i keep seeing you suggest to avoid using and iframe and start using the SDK, but SDK was my fist implementation and had terrible bad quality making it impossible to use… so in another topic i saw they suggested using an iframe instead. Smartphone please complete the following information : Browser: Tested on chrome and safari Additional context It suddenly happened today, previously it works fine. HTTPS mixed content error and a blank page.

Urgent for me too. This bug or change? Works only in Firefox. Please fix it asap. Thankyou for pointing this out. Now atleast It works with this change. Thanks, Tommy. Thanks tommy. Cannot join a meeting with the sample-web-app. Please advise tommy Thanks! Hi vadim. Could you please investigate this further? Hey vadim. Thanks mysteryWe will take a look. Hi tommyIs there any update on this? Blockquote Looking forward for your answer.

Hey canptrAre you trying to embed the Zoom Web Client? Please use the Web SDK. Hi allI have привожу ссылку into this problem too and checked the headers sent from the zoom server.


Zoom issues and how to fix them – Android Authority – Question Info


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Improve and troubleshoot your Zoom experience.

Jun 07,  · Step 1: Hit the Windows key and search for Task Manager. Step 2: Open the Processes menu. Step 3: Find Zoom in the list. Step 4: Select the Zoom app and hit the End Task option at the bottom. Wait. Jul 29,  · Step 2: Hit the Enter key and open the app. Step 3: Select C: drive from the list. Step 4: Check Temporary Internet files and cache files from the list. Step 5: Click on Clean up system files at. Jan 05,  · Krifur. Observer. Options. AM. I am unable to connect to a zoom meeting after I installed zoom client just a few days ago. I was connecting to zoom earlier the same day without problem. Now I can only connect using the browser. I have reinstalled the client, no success. I’m using a macbook with macos


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